Cadiz – Waves of Light – Andalusia, Spain

Built on a peninsula that extends along the Atlantic coast, battered by the waves that make it perfect for those who love water sports, surfing, windsurfing and kite. A quiet and relaxing place in the year to enjoy soaking in the history of sailors and conquerors. More active and vibrant in the summer.
The city stretches for several kilometers along the Avenida de Andalucia where are located the majority of modern hotels with all amenities at a 5-minute walk from the beach.
This part ends at the gates of the old town at the round tip of the peninsula, charcterized by its bastion, the beautiful and impressive cathedral and the countless restaurants and tapas bar around which people gather in the warm evenings ventilated from the Atlantic wind.
Its urban beach The Caletta is famous for being the setting of one of the James Bond film “Die Another Day” with Ale Berry.
Don’t miss the tapas restaurant Casa Manteca at the corner of Calle Calle del Patrocinio and Corralon de los Carrros a must when visiting Cadiz, founded by a famous bullfighter. Try the tapas and cold cuts of meat shrimps and fresh oysters accompanied by a cold beer or a good white wine and finally enjoy one cherry.
Where to eat
Taberna Casa Manteca
Calle del Corralon de los Carros

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