Camino de Santiago

A thousand words can’t describe the experience of walking the camino. It is not about your target, it is everything about your own growth during the path. This short video is our experience in a nutshell.

Our Way to Santiagoimg_1454

A 13-day walk without stops, 24km a day completed in front of the majestic facade of the cathedral of Santiago the Compostela, an unbelievable emotion once arrived in the cathedral square; no words to describe it, just a lot of emotions that can be expressed in tears of joy, of happiness and pride in having reached a goal that seemed impossible initially. 310km walk from Leon to Santiago, between plains under the scorching sun, endless climbs through forests on the mountains of Leon to reach O Cebreiro, dream landscapes embraced by the morning fog and enchanted forests along the way. Cows, hens, horses, donkeys and  dung stench whose smell after some days is no longer an issue, though the scent of nature. The frost in the morning, the wind that slaps you in the face, the rain that makes walking even more difficult, the backpack that becomes heavier kilometer after kilometer, the wonderful people who welcomed us, recommended us, who accompanied us who shared with us this unique experience. The nature, the soul that we rediscovered, the beauty that surrounds us, the typical food and the house wine, the medieval architecture, the rural homes, country churches and stables. The trails, streams, rivers, mountains, valleys and precipices, wild mint and rosemary, the flowers in many colors. The dirt paths, stone paths along the asphalt, between the fields and the green and yellow corn fields. 310km of poetry, which, unfortunately, we regret are over although we are pleased to know not to have to walk for hours and not having to wake up before dawn tomorrow morning. 310km of life, of reflections, of lightness, of happy laughter, sunshine and light of life that we hope will bring positive changes once back home, in every day life. The Camino de Santiago is the experience of life. Prepare your backpack wherever you are and go…

Here you can read the blog on each stage of our walk on the Santiago Path:

Day 1: Camino de Santiago – Day 1 from Leon to S.Martin Del Camino

Day 2: Camino de Santiago -Day 2 from S.Martin Del Camino to Astorga

Day 3: Camino de Santiago -Day 3 from Astorga to Rabanal Del Camino

Day 4: Camino de Santiago -Day 4 from Rabanal to Molinaseca

Day 5: Camino de Santiago – Day 5 from Molinaseca to Vilafranca del Camino

Day 6: Camino de Santiago – Day 6 from Villafranca to La Herrerias

Day 7: Camino de Santiago – Day 7 from la Herreria to Fonfria

Day 8: Camino de Santiago – Day 8 from Fonfria to Sarria

Day 9: Camino de Santiago – Day 9 from Sarria to Portomarin

Day 10: Camino de Santiago – Day 10 from Portomarin to Palas del Rei

Day 11: Camino de Santiago – Day 11 from Palas del Rei to Melide

Day 12: Camino de Santiago – Day 12 from Melide to Arzúa

Day 13: Camino de Santiago – Day 13 from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

Day 14: Camino de Santiago – Day 14, ultimate day from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

Day 15: Camino de Santiago – Day 15, one day in Santiago de Compostela

Day 16: Camino de Santiago – Day 16 from Santiago to Muxía and Fisterra


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