The Messina strait car ferry trip

If you ever travel in the very south of italy you will certainly experience to cross the Messina strait.
The 3.1 km wide water corridor separates Sicily from the Italian peninsula. It is a must do experience even only for a one day trip.
This path once crossed by ancient Phoenician and Greek ships, in the aim to spread their power and grow their wealth has seen myriads of sicilians going to find better luck in the North carrying their heavy luggages on board of packed trains, looking with huge melancholy at their island slowly disappearing at their backs. Of course many of them returned several times back to their home towns, but the feeling of leaving their island will pervade their souls even if they are going away for holiday. Such a strong relationship have Sicilians with their roots, and maybe only them can understand it well.
If you have time and a strong stomach you should take the chance to enjoy the cue at the small bars on the deck and taste the famous arancini (or arancine): deep fried rice balls coated in breadcrumbs and filled wit ragù and cheese. The legend tells the ones you get on the ferry be the best in all Sicily. Even if we can’t assure it why don’t you put it in your to do list in Sicily.
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